Quiz about Anxiety


Are you someone who worries a lot or lives with constant mind chatter?

When you feel anxious do you get that shortness of breath and horrible tightness in your chest as your imagination takes you down rabbit holes of the worst thing that can happen?

What if I said that change is possible. That you can:

  • Step into a more peaceful existence

  • Manage your stress better

  • Enjoy healthier relationships

  • Feel steadier in yourself.

 Are you fed up and ready for change? 

Let's make this a two way conversation...

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What cycles of behaviour, feelings or beliefs do you want to change?
Here are some examples of areas I can help.

Cycles of behaviour - suffering from persistent worry
Cycles of behaviour - suffering from overwhelm
Cycles of behaviour - suffering from feelings of anger

Why Heartfelt Change?

I offer a unique blend of 1 to 1 talking therapy, somatic experiences and practical tools.

Working together we can change patterns of behaviour that do not serve you well. You can feel less burdened, less judged by your inner self critic; more able to feel content and enjoy your life.

This is the path I have walked, supported by my teacher. I have moved from coping and surviving to feeling steady and grounded.

How many of these statements sound familiar?

What I offer

The support I offer is tailored to your needs. Elements of your journey could include 1:1 talking therapy, mindfulness, stress management exercises, breathwork and meditation.

Together, we will build a foundation where you can recognise life patterns that no longer serve you. I'll guide you on a path to discover your own lovability and sense of belonging.

Start your journey toward a more fulfilling life today.

Still not sure?

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